Monday, August 27, 2012

Putting Our New Home to Use

After we'd had the RV for a few days, it dawned on me that I could be putting it to good use, instead of just watching it through the bedroom window.  It's been a while since I managed to do any writing, so I decided to use the RV as my writer's garret.

I started getting up around 5:30, and heading out in the dark with my laptop to get some much-needed work done.  The darkness was oddly comforting, and the quiet allowed me to concentrate.  At the start, I wrote maybe half a page, then a whole page, then a couple of pages.

And then the laptop battery died.

This was a subtle hint that I should probably connect the rig to some power source or another.  Fortunately, my heavy-duty extension cord was just exactly long enough to reach the back of the RV, and the RV cord was long enough to reach there.  I had power, and I could go back to work.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Adventure Begins

Since leaving Hawaii six years ago, my wife and I have been searching for a home. We enjoy traveling across the country (though it's only been four states so far), but our quest is to find a home to call our own.

Today, August 19th, we found it.

We saw an ad in the newspaper. We called, and it was still available, so we rushed over for a personal inspection.

I will be honest: it's not the home we were looking for. It's fully one-third the size of what we wanted, but we've lived in places that were almost as small. It's in need of many minor repairs: the door sags, the table wobbles, the air conditioning doesn't work well. As I said, though, minor. Also, it's about three times as old as we were hoping, so I expect more repairs will crop up in the near future. It's in otherwise good condition, and the price was remarkable: only $4000. Needless to say, we snapped it up in an instant.

We expect to make the full-time move at the end of September. In the meantime, there are so many things to do, and so many expenses I hadn't planned for. Insurance; arranging for television and internet; fees I never imagined. Since the home is so small, we're also selling everything that doesn't fit. We've never had much to begin with (and like it that way), but there's still an overwhelming number of things we can't take with us.

As I said, it's not exactly what we were looking for, but it's close, so we're going to make do until we can afford the next step up -- and the step after that, if necessary. In the meantime, I'm just telling people this: it may not look like much, but the back yard is awesome.