Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roadside Wildlife

Kazumi went out for a walk today, along the main road.  Returning, she told me she had seen at least seven rabbits, and about a dozen quail.  Maybe they're following her around.

Three Months In

Today marks three months on the road.  Not technically "on the road", because we've been sitting still for most of that, but certainly three months of RV life.

Strangely, it feels like forever.  Maybe it's because we've become so accustomed to this lifestyle in such a short time that it seems natural.  Or maybe it's because we moved so many times in that period that it just seems longer.    Either way, it seems our new lifestyle has edged out our old life.  It's hard to even remember living in a house.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

We had a nice day, though not food-wise.  There were some unfinished errands from Thursday, so we finished those up, just in time for an early lunch.  There is a barbeque place on Broadway that always has great smells coming from it, and is always crowded.  Apparently, though, everyone in T or C likes bland food.  The barbeque sauce, and the sausage gravy were delicious; the meat they were on was almost flavorless.  As were the beans.

I spent the afternoon watching The Avengers.  I enjoyed it immensely, but, in retrospect, I should have chosen a shorter film.  It was game night down at the lounge, so I went down and chatted with the other RVers.  Sadly, the game started at about the same time Kazumi came to pick me up for supper, so I didn't get to play.  And I like games.

Downtown T or C had their tree lighting ceremony around 6PM (which we missed, but it is a pretty tree), and they blocked off all of Broadway to traffic.  All of the craft stores, thrift stores, galleries, and souvenir shops were open.  According to rumor, this is the only night of the year that happens.  It looked like almost all of the 6451 people in town were there.

On Monday, we read an advertisement about the festivities, which included a blues concert at Groovy Gritz restaurant.  This restaurant bills itself as "the happiest place in town," and claims to have the best hamburgers in New Mexico.  I like the blues, I like hamburgers, and I like happy people, so I was looking forward to this.

When we arrived, there was a huge sign in front of the restaurant: "Groovy Gritz Has Closed."  Why they couldn't wait until Saturday to go out of business I will never understand.

The only remaining restaurant on the street was packed to the gills (no doubt enjoying Groovy Gritz' bad business decision), so we ended up at Dennys.  Bleh.

Still, a good day.  Next year, wherever we are, I may pack a bag lunch, just in case.