Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meeting the Neighbors

Our dogs do not like people. Cutie, our largest, is a hopeless case, but I think the smaller two can be cured of this malady. So I decided that, when the opportunity presented itself, I would hand off the smaller dogs to stranger, to get them acclimated to other people.

Today, I had such an occasion. A neighbor with whom we've been chatting (Dennis) came over near supper time. He had baked a pizza, and wanted to share two slices with us. As we stood outside the door talking, I reached inside and grabbed Kome, our mid-sized dog. Once Kome stopped barking, I handed her to Dennis. Kome was shaking in his arms for a bit, but after a few moments was calm enough to reach up and lick his nose.

Heartened by this, I reached inside the RV again, and scooped up Anzu, our compact dog. As I brought her outside, she took one look at the neighbor ... and peed all over me.

I guess she's not quite ready for people yet.