Thursday, April 16, 2015

Emerald Lake RV Resort

We arrived here in the vicinity of noon or so.  This is a really nice park, and the owners, Jim and Bucky, are great.  Don't believe the sign, though: the restaurant is closed for now, and they tore up the miniature golf course.  Shame, because I was looking forward to that.

This park had been closed for several years (some legal troubles; I haven't asked for details yet), and Jim and Bucky are the new owners.  They are trying to reopen the restaurant.  The advertised amenities aren't here (yet), but I'm enjoying the fact that the roads are paved, and not just sand.

Not a Good Trip

We figured that the trip to Colquitt would be simple.  There was enough in the gas tank to get us there (though we would be riding on fumes near the end), and the route was almost direct.  A few hours on the highway, a couple more on back roads, and we're there.

Well, it didn't turn out that way.  First, we couldn't get the RV started.  We looked under the hood, and found that the battery had melted.  Yes, melted.  The sides were bulging out, and acid was oozing everywhere.  Note to self: check battery more often.

A quick trip to Walmart (and $96 dollars later) and we were ready to go.  We did a quick check of all of the lights, and found that the brake lights and directionals  didn't work.  The handy man at Rivers Edge said it might be the blinker module.  It probably was, but frankly, I didn't want to stay in Florida another day to check it out.  Glancing at the directions, I saw that we would only need to make four turns.  I could fake the brake lights by flashing the parking lights by hand, and we would just have to risk not being able to signal turns.

We were only on the road for ninety minutes when the needle on the gas gauge dropped from one-fourth to empty.  I had crawled under the rig and tapped out the tank, so I knew the one-quarter was true.  To have it drop down instantly to zero meant either a leak, or our mileage was a lot less than five miles to the gallon.

So, we stopped for gas.  Since we still had about three hours of travel left, and we had apparently gone through a quarter-tank in ninety minutes, I had to get half a tank to make sure we had enough.  That's another hundred dollars I hadn't planned on spending.  Needless to say, in the entire remaining trip, the needle didn't move so much as a millimeter.

Breakfast to Go

There is a place near us (Brown's Grocery, in Holt, FL) which we've heard makes really good biscuit breakfast sandwiches.  It's a tiny little dump of a place, but everyone says the biscuits are delicious.  We've been meaning to stop there for some time. but never did.

Today, since we are leaving the area, we made it a point to stop in and pick up a sandwich or two.

Their oven is broken.  There are no sandwiches.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the Road, on the Morrow

It's been about a year since we stopped "for a short time" in Holt, Florida.  We haven't moved an inch in all that time, for several widely varied reasons.

Finally, we are on the road again.  We have a third of a tank of gas, which should get us about 200 miles.  We've settled on a tiny town in Georgia called Colquitt.  There's an RV park there that is under new management, after having been closed for half a year.  So it won't be too crowded.  The rent is only $300 per month, and includes electricity, so it's cheaper than where we are now.  And I'm hoping to get some work-camping, so it will be cheaper still.  Let's hope it's a nice place.