Thursday, July 16, 2015

What a Storm Last Night!

Just before I settled in for the night yesterday evening, I looked at the sky.  Thunder was rolling to the north, but the sky was clear to the south.  Since the storm was moving northward, I expected a quiet evening.

An hour later, gale force winds were blowing torrential rains sideways, our rig was shaking side-to-side, and branches were falling on the roof like hailstones (and, as I learned today, probably were hailstones).  The lights were flickering, and the dogs were terrified.  The wind was so strong, water was seeping in through closed vents and windows.  I wouldn't get ready for bed until the storm subsided, in case a branch came through the roof.

This morning, Kazumi and I cleaned up the branches that had fallen around the park.  It took three trips with the trailer to remove all the debris.  I keep thinking about how good this is for my health.