Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Orleans: First Day

The day after we arrived in New Orleans, we decided to visit the city.  Well, not really "the city", but definitely the touristy parts of it.  We headed down Elysium Fields toward the French Quarter, and found that parking was free on Sundays!  This was especially exciting to learn, since the RV park owner told us she pays $12 for parking.

We wandered around one quarter of one quarter of the French Quarter, and found out that everything is way overpriced.  We bought exactly no souvenirs.  I wanted to sample some beignets, and  Cafe du Monde seemed the perfect place: not only are they world-famous for their beignets, but, as a "Wheel of Fortune" fan, I wanted to eat at the same place as Pat and Vanna.

Well, so did about hundred and fifty other people.  The line to get in snaked around the block.  I took a rough estimate of the number of people waiting, figured fifteen minutes of eating for each, divided that by the number of tables, and realized we would be waiting at least two-and-a-half hours for a donut.

We were hungry, so we decided to try a different restaurant.  The Market Cafe, at the end of the French Market, had a number of free tables.

As we entered, an Asian waitress approached us and said, "For day."

"What?"  I asked.

"For day," she repeated.

"For day?"

"Tayboo for day."

She gestured across the restaurant.  I followed where she was pointing, and saw next to me a table set with a condiment rack bearing a numbered sign reading "54".  To the left of that the table's sign read "46", behind that "47", and after that ... "48".  Table forty-eight.  We sat down.

The food was good: oyster po'boy and crab gumbo.  The service, so-so.  First, the waitress (not the same one) brought us someone else's lunch.  She brought our sandwich, which we were sharing, but it took her ten minutes to bring another plate to put it on.  We didn't leave a tip.

It was a good day, though.  We spent three hours doing the touristy thing, which was almost our fill for the month.

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