Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Day: New Orleans

This is our last day in New Orleans.  I must say, I'm less than impressed.  The city is dirty, the roads are bad, and no one obeys traffic laws.  Granted, there is a lot to do here, much jazz, and a great deal of history, but frankly, I feel that could take better care of their city.

We certainly enjoyed the City Park and the many food festivals (though we missed the free jazz concerts, due to work), and I would never tell anyone not to com here, I'm just disappointed the city doesn't live up to the hype.;

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Holy Crap!

We were just sitting here, watching TV, minding our own business, listening to the rumble of thunder far away, when suddenly -- FLASH!BOOM! -- lightning strikes outside our door!

Okay, maybe not exactly outside the door, but certainly nearby.  I thought it was in the spot next door, but Kazumi says it was behind the rig.  Either way, parts of tree branches fell just outside.  I stepped outside (shaking in my skin) and looked around, but I couldn't find where the lightning hit.  I did smell something burning, so I know it was close.  Whatever it hit, we're just thankful it didn't hit us directly.  This is the downside of parking under trees.