Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Great Escape

Today was the boss's birthday.  To celebrate, and as a company-bonding experience, we all went to Padlock Escape Games in College Station.  This is a business (one of three in the area) which has several rooms with "mysteries" built in.  You are locked in, and you (and your friends) have to solve a number of puzzle within an hour in order to escape.
In our case, the back story was that we were going to visit our "father", but he had been kidnapped, and we had to escape from his den in order to help him.  The only clue was a note in his brief case telling us to "trust in the Good Book".  In the Bible, a passage was highlighted: "Put the atonement cover on the ark of the covenant..."  The ark was found in a padlocked box.  The passage was Exodus 26:34, and 2634 was the combination to the lock.
Solving this puzzle led us to another one: figuring out what to do with five different photos of the desk.  Discovering the commonality between the photos opened a locked drawer, which gave us another puzzle to solve.
The rest of the hour went on in much the same fashion.  The secret in the drawer gave us access to a second room, and more puzzles.  There were seven of us, so we could work on multiple problems at the same time.  Two of use were in one room trying to determine the combination to one lock, while three others were in the other room trying to get keys out of a maze, while the remaining two were searching both rooms for additional clues.
This was so much fun!  I figured out several of the padlock combinations, but there were things my coworkers deduced which were simply over my head.  We were almost finished when we ran out of time, but the hostess said she would give us a few extra minutes if we needed it, since we were the only customers for the day (the benefit of going on a Tuesday).  Those extra few minutes (less than five) were a great help.  We might not had needed that: we figured out early on how to open the armoire, but didn't realize that what we found would do that.  This probably cost us about ten minutes.
We had a very good time. I'm looking forward to doing it again someday.

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