Sunday, August 7, 2016


Kazumi found a dog outside last night, a cute little fluffy chihuahua with ginger-colored fur.  It had stationed itself comfortably in front of our door.  Kazumi picked it up; it didn't run, or bark, or anything.  She just sat in Kazumi's arms like she belonged there.

We looked around the neighborhood, but no one was searching or calling for a dog.  A number of people were walking their dogs, either on the road or in their lots, but none of them seemed to have lost a dog.

So, we decided to go door-to-door to find the owner.  We started with our immediate neighbor, an old man who was just clambering out of his RV.  We asked if he knew someone who was missing a chihuahua.  He responded with glee, "I am!"  We handed the fugitive dog to him, and he thanked us profusely.  He explained that "Ginger" often gets bored and wanders around, looking for excitement.

He went happily back inside with the dog, and we returned to our own RV, relieved.  We really didn't need four dogs.

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